Our Project Team

USABlight project team

Our project team was funded by a grant from the USDA NIFA program titled "Reducing losses to potato and tomato late blight by monitoring pathogen populations, improved resistant plants, education, and extension"

The team includes 25 co-project directors including 10 extension faculty.  The project team is listed in alphabetical order.  The team covers potato and tomato growing regions in both the eastern and western US.  The project director is Dr. Howard Judelson, University of California, Riverside, CA. 


Besley, John      University of South Carolina

Birch, Paul      Scottish Crop Research Institute

Boyles, Ryan      North Carolina State University

Everts, Kathryne      University of Maryland   

Fry, William      Cornell University

Gay, Geri      Cornell University

Gevens, Amanda      University of Wisconsin

Girke, Thomas      University of California-Riverside

Gloy, Brent      Purdue University

Grünwald, Niklaus      USDA-ARS, Corvallis

Gugino, Beth      Pennsylvania State University

Hein, Ingo      Scottish Crop Research Institute

Johnson, Steven      University of Maine

Judelson, Howard      University of California-Riverside

Klessig, Daniel      Boyce Thompson Institute

Lozoya, Hector      University Autonoma Chapingo

McComas, Katherine      Cornell University

McGrath, Margaret      Cornell University

Ristaino, Jean      North Carolina State University

Roberts, Pamela      University of Florida

Scott, John (Jay)      University of Florida

Seebold, Kenneth      University of Kentucky

Smart, Christine      Cornell University

Stone, Alexandra      Oregon State University

Xiao, Fangming      University of Idaho