Management Information

Brief Outline of Key Late Blight Management Steps:
   1. Know symptoms on tomatoes and potatoes.
   2. Destroy potato volunteers and cull piles.
   3. Select resistant varieties when possible.
   4. Implement preventive fungicide program.
   5. Inspect crop weekly from planting.
   6. Monitor occurrence reports.
   7. Submit suspect samples to local or state diagnostic clinic (list at bottom of page).
   8. Inform neighboring growers of outbreak.
   9. Promptly destroy crop after harvest or when late blight becomes too severe to manage.

Web sites listed by state with additional information on late blight and its management:

            California                       North Carolina

            Florida                            North Dakota

            Idaho                              Oregon

            Maine                             Pennsylvania

            Michigan                        Virginia

            Montana                         Washington

            New York                        Wisconsin    

           UK Potato Council.  Managing the Risk of Late Blight

           National Potato Council  Website: Fungicides: A Practical Approach to Resistance Management for Potato Diseases

            2015 Southeastern Vegetable Growers Guide (page 95 for tomato, page 75 for potato)

            Late Blight Fact Sheet - Cornell University

            NC Agricultural Chemicals Manual

            Click here to obtain Brochure on Late Blight and its Management.

            National E Extension