2011 Summer Interns

Nathan Martin:  “Use of roto-rod spore traping of foliar pathogens on vegetable crops” – Smart Lab
Kiersten Bekoscke: Characterization of P. infestans using microsatellites – Fry Lab
Richard Childers: Role of growth substrate on aggressiveness of P. infestans  – Fry Lab

NC State
Corley Gibbs:  “Genetic Analysis of the Irish Potato Famine Pathogen, Phytophthora Infestans” – Ristaino Lab
Michelle Ploch:   ” Fungicide sensitivity of Phytophthora infestans” – Ristaino Lab

Oregon State University
Ian Brasted and Deepthika Ennamuri: “Phytophthora small RNA database: Visualization of Small RNAs Using a Genome Viewer” –  Grunwald Lab

University of California Riverside
Apolonio Huerta: role of bZIP transcription factors in P. infestans development – Judelson lab
John Blahut: transgene instability in P. infestans – Judelson lab