2014 Summer Interns

Cornell University  

Liz Bevels: “Indirect germination of US lineages of Phytophthora infestans” – Fry Lab


Martha A. Sudermann: “Rapid diagnostic and detection strategies for management of tomato late blight – Smart Lab

Long Island Research & Extension Center – Riverhead, NY

Margaret Bernhardt: “Assisting growers to manage late blight” – McGrath Lab

NC State University

Sam Lee: “Isothermal Amplification assay for detecting Phytophthora infestans– Ristaino Lab

Kenny Isley: “Test of the Cornell DSS for management of late blight of tomato” – Ristaino Lab

Oregon State University 

Ciera Gray: “Phenotyping Phythophthora syringae” – Grunwald Lab

Jonah Brooks:  “Computational analysis of clonal lineages in mixed mating type populations” – Grunwald Lab

University of California, Riverside

Max Baymiller: “Metabolic strategies of oomycete pathogens of potato” – Judelson Lab

University of Idaho 

Maggie Vaughn: “Manipulation of PRR genes in tomato and potato” – Xiao Lab

Emily DeFord: “The cloning and characterization of Phytophthora-inducible PRR genes from tomato” – Xiao Lab

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kiana Meinholz: “Characterizing and maintaining Phytophthora infestans in Wisconsin” – Gevens