Feb 11, 2019

The new potato – Science Magazine

Breeders seek a breakthrough to help farmers facing an uncertain future. It is a worrying […]

Dec 31, 2018

Report of late blight in Onondaga Co. featured on North Country Public Radio

Late blight has been reported in Onondaga Co., NY on tomato. Initial findings indicate that […]

Dec 30, 2018

Phytophthora nicotianae producing late blight-like symptoms in NC

Outbreaks of Phytophthora nicotianae have been reported on tomato and potato in North Carolina. These infections of P. […]

Dec 29, 2018

Late blight reported in Florida

The first reports of late blight for 2018 have appeared in southwest Florida. Growers in […]

Dec 28, 2018

Phytophthora workshop held in India

A workshop on “Rapid Diagnostic Tools for Identification of Phytophthora species on Horticultural Crops ” organized by Dr. […]

Dec 26, 2018

Late blight and other Phytophthora diseases emerging in India

Late blight and other Phytophthora diseases emerging in India Over a hundred and twenty different Phytophthora species […]

Dec 25, 2018

Biennial Euroblight Meeting

The biennial meeting of the European network Euroblight, which tracks European outbreaks of late blight, […]

Dec 24, 2018

North American Late Blight Symposium

On August 8 and 9, 2014 (Friday and Saturday) a “North American Late Blight Symposium” […]

Jan 14, 2014

USABlight Webinar on Jan 14th, 2014

Webinar now available to view: Late Blight of Tomato and Potato: Recent Occurrences and Management […]

Dec 31, 2013

News on late blight (2011-13)

July 3, 2013    Late blight isn’t late this year…. It’s early again. March 16 2013: Genetically modified […]